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Academic Degrees

1992 - 1996, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, industrial electrical automation professional, received a bachelor

Selected Publications

Density Compensation to Reference Map of Gravity Navigation  Proceedings of International Conference on Modelling, Identification & Control, | 201206 | 20124015531521
A New Electronic Image Stabilization Technology based on Random Ferns for Fixed Scene Network Computing and Information Security: Second International Conference | 201209 | 20133416654969
Three-dimensional automatic target recognition based on spin-images infrared and Laser Engineering, | 201202 | 20121514940950
Three-dimensional automatic target recognition using feature correspondence Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Natural Science Edition) | 201210 | 20124915755316 |
X-ray pulsar navigation method for spacecraft with pulsar direction error Advances in Space Research. | 201008 | AS33-2010-021
Pulsar/CNS integrated navigation based on federated UKF Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics | 201008 | CJ18-2010-005
CNS/Pulsar integrated navigation using two-level filter Chinese Journal of Electronics | 201004 | BH05-2011-003
Research on the effects of isostasy in gravity gradient map modelling IEEE ICISE2010 Proceedings | 201009 | YXB1-1900-257  
A Robust Directional Saliency-Based Method for Infrared Small-Target Detection Under Various Complex Backgrounds IEEE GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING LETTERS | 201305 | LGRS.2012.2211094
A Gravity Gradient Differential Ratio Method for IEEE GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING LETTERS | 201309 | LGRS.2013.2279485
Underwater obstacle detection based on the change of gravity gradient 2012 2nd International Conference on Remote Sensing, Environment and Transportation Engineering | 201201 | 2012.6260800
A Methodology for Ground Targets Detection in Complex Scene Based on Airborne LiDAR Multimedia and Signal Processing | 201212 | 20133416655048
An Adaptive UKF Algorithm and Its Application to Geomagnetic Navigation Information and Control | 201108 | AE80-2012-010
An Integrated Navigation Algorithm Based on Three-axis Magnetometer and Gravity Measurement Information and Control | 201109 | AE80-2012-012
Pulsar/CNS integrated navigation algorithm Information and Control | 200906 | AE80-2009-005
Pulsar TOA estimation algorithm based on SWT and FRFT Computer Engineering and Applications | 200808 | DV99-2008-037

Awards and Honors

In recent years, he published more than 60 papers, applied for national invention patent and defense patent three. Directs and performs countries natural science foundation, national defense basic research projects, assembly pre-research foundation, national defense critical technology research projects, national defense pre-research project, the project supported by National 863, aerospace, National Postdoctoral fund projects on topics such as more than 20 items, with strong scientific research capabilities.

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