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Research at a Glance



There are two major laboratories in our school, the Belt and Road China-Poland Co-laboratory on Measurement and Control and the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education for Image Processing and Intelligent Control. The research areas of our programs cater to social need and address the frontier problems in the AI and Control Science field. Specifically, we have committed to research areas including the theory of complex systems for control and system science, computer vision and machine learning-based object detection, recognition, and tracking in the real world.

We also have projects focusing on advanced social-economic systems based on decision support and analysis, electronics and motion control for high-end manufacture and new energy devices, and multi-view information measurement and sensing. These projects have advanced critical research in cutting-edge directions, such as temperature imaging of magnetic nanoparticles, DNA-based biological computation, brain-inspired intelligent computation, automatic robotic control/group intelligence, and strategic planning.

Our research results have been accepted by top-tier journals such as IEEE Trans, Automatic Control, Automatica, IEEE Trans, Neural Networks and Learning Systems, IEEE Trans, Fuzzy Systems, IEEE Trans, Power Electronics, IEEE Trans, and Image Processing, etc. Some papers have been featured as ESI highly cited articles in Engineering or Computer Science.

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