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       HE Dingxin is a full professor with the School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, HUST. He received the B.S. degree in Computer Science and M.S. degree in Automation from HUST, Wuhan, China. He is engaged in research of computer control technology, robot control, embedded control technology, multi-robot position tracking and navigation, intelligent map modeling, and collaborative optimization of multi-agent networks.

Selected academic papers:

l Guan, Z. H., Hu, B., Chi, M., He, D. X., & Cheng, X. M. (2014). Guaranteed performance consensus in second-order multi-agent systems with hybrid impulsive control. Automatica, 50(9), 2415-2418..

l Qu F L, Guan Z H, He D X, et al. Event-triggered control for networked control systems with quantization and packet losses[J]. Journal of the Franklin Institute, 2015, 352(3): 974-986.

l Ge, M. F., Guan, Z. H., Hu, B., He, D. X., & Liao, R. Q. (2016). Distributed controller–estimator for target tracking of networked robotic systems under sampled interaction. Automatica, 69, 410-417..

l Guan, Z. H., Han, G. S., Li, J., He, D. X., & Feng, G. (2015). Impulsive multiconsensus of second-order multiagent networks using sampled position data. IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems, 26(11), 2678-2688..

l Han, T., Guan, Z. H., Liao, R. Q., Chen, J., Chi, M., & He, D. X. (2017). Distributed finite-time formation tracking control of multi-agent systems via FTSMC approach. IET Control Theory & Applications, 11(15), 2585-2590.

l Qu, F. L., Hu, B., Guan, Z. H., Wu, Y. H., He, D. X., & Zheng, D. F. (2016). Quantized stabilization of wireless networked control systems with packet losses. ISA transactions, 64, 92-97.

l Han G S, He D X, Guan Z H, et al. Multi-consensus of multi-agent systems with various intelligences using switched impulsive protocols[J]. Information Sciences, 2016, 349: 188-198.

l Han, G. S., Guan, Z. H., Li, J., He, D. X., & Zheng, D. F. (2016). Multi-tracking of second-order multi-agent systems using impulsive control. Nonlinear Dynamics, 84(3), 1771-1781.

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