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ZHANG Xinyu is a full professor with the School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, HUST. He received the B.S. degree in Infrared Technology from Changchun University of Science and Technology (then Changchun College of Optics and Fine-mechanics), and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Condensed State Physics and Physical Electronics, respectively, from HUST, Wuhan, China. He is engaged in research of multi-spectral and multi-modal imaging detection, micro/nano-optics, optoelectronics, multi-spectral image processing, pattern recognition, and intelligent optics.

Selected academic papers:

l Tong Qing,Yu Lei,Zhaowei Xin, Xinyu Zhang, Hongshi Sang, Changsheng Xie. Dual-mode Photosensitive Arrays Based on Integration of Liquid Crystal Microlenses and CMOS Sensors for Obtaining Intensity Images and Wavefronts of objects. Optics Express, 24(3) 254864(2016).

l Jiuning Lin, Qing Tong, Yu Lei, Zhaowei Xin, Xinyu Zhang, An Ji, Hongshi Sang, Changsheng Xie. An Arrayed Liquid Crystal Fabry-Perot Infrared Filter for Electrically Tunable Spectral Imaging Detection. IEEE Sensors Journal, 16(8):2397-2408(2016).

l DI FAN, CHENG WANG, BO ZHANG, QING TONG, YU LEI, ZHAOWEI XIN, DONG WEI, XINYU ZHANG, AND CHANGSHENG XIE. Arrayed optical switches based on integrated liquid-crystal microlens arrays driven and adjusted electrically. Appl. Opt., 56(6):1788-1794(2017).

l JIUNING LIN, QING TONG, YU LEI, ZHAOWEI XIN, DONG WEI, XINYU ZHANG, JING LIAO, HAIWEI WANG, AND CHANGSHENG XIE. Electrically tunable infrared filter based on a cascaded liquid-crystal Fabry–Perot for spectral imaging detection. Appl. Opt., 56(7):1925-1929(2017).

l Yu Lei, Qing Tong, Zhaowei Xin, Dong Wei, Xinyu, Zhang, Jing Liao, Haiwei Wang, Changsheng Xie. Three dimensional measurement with an electrically tunable focused plenoptic camera. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 88,032017-1-9(2017).

l Zhaowei Xin, Qing Tong, Yu Lei , Dong Wei, Xinyu Zhang,Jing Liao, Haiwei Wang and Changsheng Xie. An electrically tunable polarization and polarization-independent liquid-crystal microlens array for imaging applications. J.Opt.19: 095602(2017).

l Yong Wu, Wei Hu, Qing Tong, Yu Lei , Zhaowei Xin, Dong Wei, Xinyu Zhang, Jing Liao, Haiwei Wang and Changsheng Xie. Graphene-based liquid-crystal microlens arrays for synthetic-aperture imaging. J.Opt.19:095102(2017).

l ZHAOWEI XIN, DONG WEI, XINGWANG XIE, MINGCE CHEN, XINYU ZHANG, JING LIAO, HAIWEI WANG, AND CHANGSHENG XIE. Dual-polarized light-field imaging micro system via a liquid-crystal microlens array for direct three-dimensional observation. Optics Express, 26(4):4035-4049(2018).

l Q. TONG, CHEN, Z. XIN, D. WEI, X. ZHANG, J. LIAO, H. WANG, AND C. XIE. Depth of field extension and objective space depth measurement based on wavefront imaging. Optics Express, 26(14):18368-18385(2018).

l ZHAOWEI XIN, DONG WEI, MINGCE CHEN, CHAI HU, JIAN LI, XINYU ZHANG, JING LIAO, HAIWEI WANG, AND CHANGSHENG XIE. Graphene-based adaptive liquid-crystal microlens array for a wide infrared spectral region. Optical Materials Express, 9(1):183-194(2019).

l Zhonglun Liu, Mingce Chen, Zhaowei Xin, Wanwan Dai, Xinjie Han Xinyu Zhang, HaiweiWang and Changsheng Xie. Research on a Dual-Mode Infrared Liquid-Crystal Device for Simultaneous Electrically Adjusted Filtering and Zooming. Micromachines, 10(2):137(2019).

l Xin Zhaowei, Deng Bing, Wei Dong, Chen Mingce, Hu Chai, Zhang Xinyu, Wang Haiwei, Xie Changsheng, Liu Zhongfan, and Peng Hailin. Macroscale single-crystal graphene-templated directional alignment of liquid-crystal microlens array. Applied Physics Letters, 115.071903 (2019).

l Deng Bing, Xin Zhaowei, Xue Ruiwen, Zhang Shishu, Xu Xiaozhi, Cao Jing, Tang Jilin, Qi Yue, Wang Yani, Zhao Yan, Sun Luzhao, Wang Huihui, Liu Kaihui, Rummeli Mark H., Weng Lutao, Luo Zhengtang, Tong Lianming, Zhang Xinyu, Xie Changsheng, Liu Zhongfan, and Peng Hailin. Scalable and ultrafast epitaxial growth of single-crystal graphene wafers for electrically tunable liquid-crystal microlens arrays. Science Bulletin, 64: 659–668 (2019).

l Dong Wei, Zhaowei Xin, Mingce Chen, Chai Hu, Xinyu Zhang, Haiwei Wang,and Changsheng Xie. Nanofocusing on gold planar nanotip arrays. AIP Advances, 9.065103(2019).

l MINGCE CHEN, HUIYING WANG, WANWAN DAI, LEILEI NIU,JINXING LIU, QI SHAO, XINYU ZHANG, ,* HAIWEI WANG, AND CHANGSHENG XIE. Electrically controlled liquid-crystal microlens matrix with a nested electrode array for efficiently tuning and swinging focus. Optics Express, 27(16):23422-23431(2019).

l MINGCE CHEN, WANWAN DAI, QI SHAO, HUIYING WANG, ZHONGLUN LIU, LEILEI NIU, XINYU ZHANG,* HAIWEI WANG,AND CHANGSHENG XIE..Optical properties of electrically controlled arc-electrode liquid-crystal microlens array for wavefront measurement and adjustment. Appl.Opt., 58(24):6611-6617(2019).

l Mingce Chen, Xinjie Han, Wanwan Dai, Huiying Wang, Leilei Niu, Qi Shao, Xinyu Zhang, * Haiwei Wang, AND Changsheng Xie. Optical properties of liquid crystal micro lens with an arrayed planar non-uniform spiral micro-coil electrode . Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics, 36(11):3174-3180(2019).

l DONG WEI, CHAI HU, MINGCE CHEN, JIASHUO SHI, JUN LUO, XINYU ZHANG,* HAIWEI WANG, AND CHANGSHENG XIE. Optical modulator based on the coupling effect of different surface plasmon modes excited on the metasurface. Optical Materials Express, 10(1):105-118(2020).

l JIASHUO SHI,MINGCE CHEN, DONG WEI, CHAI HU,JUN LUO, HAIWEI WANG, XINYU ZHANG, AND CHANGSHENG XIE. Anti-noise diffractive neural network for constructing an intelligent imaging detector array. Optics Express, 28(25):37686-37699(2020).

l Dong Wei, Chai Hu, Mingce Chen, Jiashuo Shi, Jun Luo, Haiwei Wang, Changsheng Xie, and Xinyu Zhang. Light absorption and nanofocusing on a tapered magnetic metasurface.

Appl. Phys. Lett. 117, 243102(2020).

l Mingce Chen, Wenda He, Dong Wei, Chai Hu, Jiashuo Shi, Xinyu Zhang, Haiwei Wang and Changsheng Xie. Depth-of-Field-Extended Plenoptic Camera Based on Tunable Multi-Focus Liquid-Crystal Microlens Array. Sensors, 2020, 20, 4142.

l Mingce Chen, Qi Shao, Wenda He, Dong Wei, Chai Hu  Jiashuo Shi, Kewei Liu, HaiweiWang , Changsheng Xie and Xinyu Zhang. Electrically Controlled Liquid Crystal Microlens Array Based on Single-Crystal Graphene Coupling Alignment for Plenoptic Imaging. Micromachines, 11.1039(2020).

l Chang Liu, Chai Hu, Dong Wei, Mingce Chen, Jiashuo Shi, Haiwei Wang , Changsheng Xie and Xinyu Zhang. Generating Convergent Laguerre-Gaussian Beams Based on an Arrayed Convex Spiral Phaser Fabricated by 3D Printing. Micromachines, 11:00771(2020).

l DongWei, Chai Hu Mingce Chen, Jiashuo Shi1, Jun Luo1, HaiweiWang, Changsheng Xie, Xinyu Zhang. Electrically Adjusted Infrared Transmittance of a Functioned Silicon via an Au Nano-Cone Metasurface. Nano Select, 1-7-202000156(2020).

l JIASHUO SHI, DONG WEI, CHAI HU, MINGCE CHEN, KEWEI LIU, JUN LUO, AND XINYU ZHANG*. Robust light beam diffractive shaping based on a kind of compact all-optical neural network. Optics Express, 29(5):7084-7099(2021).

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