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XIAO Renbing is a full professor with the School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, HUST.  He received the B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Marine Engineering, Shifluid Mechanics and System Engineering, respectively, from HUST Wuhan, China. He is engaged in research of complex system modeling and analysis, cluster intelligence, emergent computing, supply chain management and management complexity

Selected academic papers:

l Zeng, Yu, and Renbin Xiao. "Modelling of cluster supply network with cascading failure spread and its vulnerability analysis." International Journal of Production Research 52.23 (2014): 6938-6953.Jiuning Lin, Qing Tong, Yu Lei, Zhaowei Xin, Xinyu Zhang, An Ji, Hongshi Sang, Changsheng Xie. An Arrayed Liquid Crystal Fabry-Perot Infrared Filter for Electrically Tunable Spectral Imaging Detection. IEEE Sensors Journal, 16(8):2397-2408(2016).

l Geng, Liang, and Renbin Xiao. "Control and backbone identification for the resilient recovery of a supply network utilizing outer synchronization." Applied Sciences 10.1 (2020): 313.

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l Zhao, Qiang, Xinhui Zhang, and Renbin Xiao. "Particle swarm optimization algorithm for partner selection in virtual enterprise." Progress in Natural Science 18.11 (2008): 1445-1452.

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