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AIA Postgraduate Students Attend HUAWEI Developer Conference

Jun 4, 2021

From April 24th to 26th, the Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (Cloud), also called HDC. Cloud, was held in the University Town of Shenzhen. As the members of the champion team of the Second HUAWEI CLOUD Artificial Intelligence Competition -Autonomous Vehicle Challenge Cup, ZHU Dezhi and FU Lei, postgraduate students from AIA intelligent robotics team, were invited to attend the Pioneer Youth Forum on the 24th and share their experience.

As an important part of HDC. Cloud, the HUAWEI CLOUD·Pioneer Youth Forum was established by HUAWEI CLOUD, the members of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, the HUAWEI CLOUD Software Analysis Director, HUAWEI CLOUD Genius Youth Program, and the Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Grand Prize Winner. The HUAWEI CLOUD Pioneer Youth Forum aims to help college students realize their dreams of becoming great developers with HUAWEIs leading cloud and computing products and technologies.

As one of the four "Pioneer Youths" of HUAWEI smart base, Zhu Dezhi shared his gaining and growth from working with Huawei. He talked about his story of winning the Challenge Cup, and pointed out that the team could never be the champion without the effective assistance from ModelArts, the HUAWEI CLOUD AI development platform, and Hilens Kit devices, a multimedia device with AI inference capabilities. He also said that the victory was the result of his teammates’ hard work and perseverance, and the training and support they got.

The Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (Cloud) is an annual event in which Huawei presents its ICT infrastructure business to developers around the world. The theme of this years conference is "Every developer is Amazing". The conference brings together industry leaders, Huawei scientists, top technical experts, genius youths and many developers. They discuss the latest developments and applications in the ICT industry, their topics covering machine learning, deep learning, Kunpeng, Shengteng, containers, microservices, DevOps, databases, blockchain, data communications, and multi-access edge computing.

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