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Professor Liu Xiangyang from Michigan State University Visited Our School

Jun 7, 2019

On the afternoon of June 6th, 2019, Professor Liu Xiangyang of Michigan State University came to our school for academic exchanges at the invitation of Professor Zhang Haitao. The report was entitled "Signal Processing Approaches to Sensing without Sensors". It was presided over by Professor Zhang Haitao.

Professor Liu Xiangyang is from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University. As an IEEE Fellow, his research interests mainly include networking, security, and privacy. He first introduced the theory of how to use WiFi, acoustic, and RFID signals to perceive the indoor human activities without sensors. And then he presented using a filtering algorithm to obtain the information such as the changing frequency and amplitude of wireless signals due to human activities in the current environment. By analyzing the information, modeling, matching training it with the typical motion characteristics of human, combining machine learning and data driving, he made the computer terminal automatically calculate and match, according to the current wireless signal changes, the active motion types of the current environment, such as slow walking, trotting, sitting, opening the door, etc. without external camera and other sensors. The calculation accuracy and efficiency were extremely high. Finally, in the questioning session, Professor Liu Xiangyang succinctly answered the questions raised by many teachers and students.

Professor Liu Xiangyang's report was rich in contents and had strong theoretical and practical significance. It vividly revealed the mechanism between human activities and wireless signal changes. Teachers and students benefited a lot. After the meeting and active interaction, Professor Zhang Haitao gave a high evaluation of Professor Liu Xiangyang's wonderful report.

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