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Professor Lennart Ljung from Linköping University, Sweden, Visited Our School

Sep 12, 2018

On the evening of September 10th, Prof. Lennart Ljung, the academician of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering Sciences, gave an academic report entitled “From System Identification to (Deep) Learning and Big Data” to the undergraduate students of the School of Automation at B101 of No.9 Building in the east. The report attracted nearly 200 teachers and students.

In the report, Professor Lennart Ljung introduced the basic concepts of data science such as machine learning, deep learning, and “big data” to the students. Through some vivid examples, he highlighted several central concepts of data science: data, modeling, optimization, etc., and used data to build mathematical models of dynamic systems to clarify and explain these basic concepts. The whole academic report was strategically situated and profound but straightforward . In the face of such an opportunity to communicate with the academic master, the students actively asked questions, and Professor Lennart Ljung gave detailed answers to them.

Professor Lennart Ljung was born in Malmö, Sweden, in 1946. He obtained a bachelor's degree in Russian and mathematics, a master's degree in engineering physics, and a doctorate in automatic control from Lund University in 1967, 1970, and 1974, respectively. He used to be the head of the control department of Linkoping Institute of Technology, the head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, the director of the NUTEK/VINNOVA Competence Center ISIS, and now he is the director of the Strategic Research Center MOVIII. Professor Ljung Ljung mainly studies model establishment, system identification, and system adaptation, and has won many academic honors and awards, with significant contributions to the field of control theory. In 2003, Professor Lennart Ljung received the Hendrik W. Bode Lecture Prize from the IEEE and received the highest IEEE Control Systems Award in 2007. In 2002, Professor Lennart Ljung received the IFAC highest honor Quazza Medal and in 2017 won the IFAC Nichols Medal.

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