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Two Projects of Our School Won the First and Second Prize in the Second HUST Internet Plus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Jul 28, 2016


The Second HUST Internet Plus Innovation Entrepreneurship final competition was held in Qiming College on May 22. After a one-day nervous and fierce competition, the project “Behavioral pattern monitoring for intelligent care of the elderly” by postgraduate student Feng Zhao from our school, was awarded the first prize in the innovation group. And the project “Analysis system and intelligent building/home system based on micro-energy collection” by graduate Xiaoke Cheng won the second prize in the growth group.

Taking depth sensors as the means of perception, big data, using machine learning and cloud computing platform as the means of analyzing and storing, and using wireless network as the means of pushing information, the behavioral pattern monitoring and analysis system can obtain the data of the elderly daily behavior all day, detect the behavior of tumbling and falling down from the bed in real-time and analyze their life condition, which provides the timely rescue and intelligent care for the elderly.

Intelligent building/home system based on micro-energy collection is mainly concerned about the study on various battery-free wireless sensors based on the technology of energy collection, such as the battery-free wireless switch, battery-free wireless doorbell and battery-free body sensor. Battery-free switch and sensor in this project realize the wireless control of building equipment, establish the foundation of intelligent control/ remote control of building and home, hence the intelligent building electrical control system coming true.  

The prizes were awarded to winners by Prof. Xinyu Shao, Executive Vice President of HUST, Prof. Xingpeng Guo, Dean of Academic Affairs Office, Xiaoyue Wang, Secretary of School Communist Youth League, Prof. Rui Xiong, Executive Vice Dean of Academic Affairs Office and Executive Vice President of Qiming College, Haitao Dai and Nan Jiang, Deputy Secretary-General of Investment Service Union of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for National Universities, and Prof. Lian Huang, Mentor of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship. The winners will have the opportunity to take part in the provincial and national competition on behalf of the school. Moreover, they also have the priority to enter the bases of innovation and entrepreneurship and will be subsidized with relevant funds.

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