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Measurement Science and Instruments Department

Oct 4, 2017

The Department of Measurement Science and Instrumentsmainly supports the subject of Measurement Technology and Automatic Instruments.


This Department was set up in 1970. In 2000, it was renamed the Institute of Measurement and Control Technology and Systems. In 2013, its name was changed to the Department of Measurement Science and Instruments.

It started admitting undergraduates in1971; it obtained the right to confer master's degrees in automation instrumentation and installation in 1983 and started admitting postgraduates. It was authorized to confer doctoral degrees in 1988.


LIU Wenzhong ZHENG Ying CHENG Jingjing ZHENG Pu ZHOU Kaibo XU Qi KONG Li WEI Feng ZHANG Hong TANG Chaoqing


The department is dedicated to high-performance information measurement-led signal sensing, signal processing, advanced instrumentation system integration, and scientific instrument development. The faculty have undertaken a large number of national-level research projects, international cooperation projects, and various scientific research and technological development projects of local governments and major enterprises.

The subject of Measurement Technology and Automatic Instrumentsbelongs to the field of information science and technology, mainly focusing on theories and techniques involved in information acquisition and processing, based on information science, electronics, optics, machinery, computer technology, and so on.

The subject can be quite useful in multiple fields, such as industrial instrument research and applications, automatic control instrument in industrial processes, scientific instrument R&D, measurement industry, and electronic circuit design and applications.

Its scientific orientations include:

1. High-performance design of sensing electronics system;

2. Method of perceiving information source and new type sensor;

3. Modern well-logging technology and instruments;

4. Theory and technology of magnetic nanometer temperature imaging science.

Scientific Research


The department is committed to training high-level professionals and industry leaders for the instrument community.

Major courses include circuit theory, fundamentals of analog electronics technology, fundamentals of digital electronics technology, the principle of single-chip computer, the principle of micro-computer, the principle of automatic control, principle and application of sensing, digital signal processing, virtual instrument, measurement, and control system, and instrument design.

Academic Exchange

Most teachers in our department have successively visited or studied abroad for a long time. Prestigious professors at home and abroad have been invited to hold academic lectures every year. We have established stable channels of international academic exchange and carried out substantial international cooperation with many famous overseas universities, such as Braunschweig Technical University in Germany, University of Brasilia, National Chiao Tung University and National Taiwan Normal University in Taiwan, etc. We have also undertaken international technology cooperation projects, Frame-work Program of the European Union.

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