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Department of Navigation Guidance of Aircraft

Oct 4, 2017

TheDepartment of Navigation Guidance of Aircraftmainly supports the subjects of"Pattern Recognitionand Intelligent Systems"and"Navigation, Guidanceand Control".


TheDepartmentwas established on themerger ofthe InstituteofImageIdentification andArtificialIntelligence and some personnel of theDepartment ofControlScience andEngineering.

the InstituteofImageIdentification andArtificialIntelligencewas approvedto be establishedbytheMinistry of Education andtheMinistry of Aviation in 1978.During30 years, theInstitutepushed forward boundaries in research ofaerospace and information technology,andimplemented the latest results in practical projects. ItdevelopedthedisciplineofPatternRecognition andIntelligentSystems and enjoyed a high reputation in theacademic community.

TheDepartment of Control Science and Engineeringhad a history of nearly 40 years and enjoyed a high reputation in control science and system sciencecircles. ItdevelopedthedisciplineofControl Science and Engineering,and enjoyed a high reputation in theacademic community.


FAN Huijin GEJunfeng LIULei LIYun SANGHongshi SANGNong WANGYongji WANGYuehuan YELin YANLuxin YANGWeidong ZHONGSheng


Disciplinary Orientations

1. Pattern identification and precise guidance

2. Intelligent science and technologies

3. Detection of photoelectronic imaging of aircraft navigation and guidance

4. Path/ route planning of aircraft navigation and guidance

5. Control of aircraft guidance

6. Sensing and information acquisition

7. Navigation of aircraft

8. Multispectral imaging and remote sensing image processing

9. Integrated circuit design

Research Scope

1. Pattern identification and intelligent system: computer vision and application, pattern identification and image analysis, image processing system and application, medical imaging and processing, and information integrated circuit design;

2. Advanced detection of photoelectronic imaging: research, design , and development of new type multispectral micro-nano photoelectric sensor chip and system;

3. Navigation, guidance and control: research, design and development of multispectral homing guidance, multispectral matching guidance, multispectral target detection and guidance information processing chip;

4. Aircraft guidance control: studies of spacecraft trajectory optimization and optimal guidance law, aircraft fault detection and fault-tolerant control methods;

5. Stochastic non-linear system control: stochastic non-linear system, multidimensional system control theory, and analysis and design of aircraft control system.

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