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Department of Intelligent Science and Technology

Oct 4, 2017

TheDepartment of Intelligent Science and Technologymainlysupportsthe subject ofPatternRecognition andIntelligent Systems.


TheDepartmentwas established on the merger ofthe"Institute of Image Recognition and Artificial Intelligence"and"Department of Control Science and Engineering".

the InstituteofImageIdentification andArtificialIntelligencewas approvedto be establishedbytheMinistry of Education andtheMinistry of Aviation in 1978.During30 years, theInstitutepushed forward boundaries in research ofaerospace and information technology,andimplemented the latest results in practical projects. ItdevelopedthedisciplineofPatternRecognition andIntelligentSystems,and enjoyed a high reputation in theacademic community.

TheDepartment of Control Science and Engineeringhad a history of nearly 40 years and enjoyed a high reputation in control science and system sciencecircles. ItdevelopedthedisciplineofControl Science and Engineering,and enjoyed a high reputation in theacademic community.


PatternRecognition andIntelligent Systems is an important secondary subject ofAutomation. So far, the department has undertaken more than 100significantprojectsand has been granted funds of over 80m RMB.Since 2001, the department has won many nationalandprovincial-levelawards in scientific research, such as the National Science and Technology Progress Award(Special Prize)in 2008 as one of the participated institutions, the National Science and Technology Progress Award Second Prizein 2009.

At present,the new departmenthasaNational Key Laboratory, the"MoE(Ministry of Education)Key Laboratory of Image Processing and Intelligence Control",the"National Research Base for National Economic Mobilization Simulation and Practice".

The scientific research work mainly involved complex systems control theory, decision analysis and decision support, power electronics and motion control, control and intelligent robot, computer integrated control and network technology, information detection and identification, aircraft control and state monitoring, and biological information processing.

Major research orientations of all disciplines

PatternRecognition andIntelligentSystem

- Computer vision and application

- Pattern recognition and image analysis

- Image processing system and application

- Medical imaging and processing

- Artificial intelligence and cognitive science

-Research and design of the integrated circuit and system-on-a-chip and micro-nano photoelectric technology

Information Security

- Chaotic password theory and technology

- IC design of cryptographic algorithms

- Mobile network security technology

- Active defense technology of network

- Intelligent management of urban traffic

- Information service security technology

Biological Information Processing

- Systems biology

- Brain-computer interface (invasive and non-invasive brain-computer interface, medical image processing and pattern recognition, neural signal decoding)

- Rehabilitation robot (intelligent structure of rehabilitation robots that helps the handicapped and the old, multi-sensor information fusion, human-computer interaction and control of rehabilitation robot)

- Research on neuroplasticity (based on neuroplasticity mechanisms of functional MRI and EEG)


The Departmenthas the right to grant master's and doctor's degrees of"PatternRecognition andIntelligentSystems","Navigation,Guidance andControl", and has a postdoctoral research station of"ControlScience andEngineering",fiveengineering doctor and master's program,onescience doctor and master's program,threeprofessional master's programs such as control engineering andthreeundergraduate programs such as automation.

Theprofessionalcompetence, employment rate and other indicators ofourgraduates are among the best in the country.Many graduates have become the backbone and fresh force ofthe national strategic plan "Made in China 2025",working inleading enterprises in the IT and the aerospace industry.

As for academic excellence, since 2001, many graduates have obtained excellent doctor's and master's theses of Hubei province, and excellent doctor's theses of the university.


PAN Linqiang TAN Yihua CAOZhiguo CAIChao WANG Guoyou CHENZhong GAOChangxin HUHanping HUJing HURuolan HUANGJian JIANGJun LIWei MAJie TANShan TANYihua TAOWenbing TIANJinwen WUDongrui XUQi ZHANGJun BAI Xiang XIA Tian ZHANGZheng ZOULamei XIAO Yang MING Delie WANG Zuxi XIANG Xiang LIU Xueming LU Hao ZHANG Jun

Facilities and Services

The department has built first-class research and teaching platform, which provides the top researchenvironment for its faculty and students.

The teaching and research conditions include:

(1) more than 2000 square meters for scientific research and experiments.

(2) Advanced teaching and research equipment. There is equipment worth 40 million yuan, such as visible light and infrared image sensor, laser imaging radar, six degrees of freedom manipulator, three-axis tracking turntable, scalar network analyzer and vector network analyzer, noise coefficient tester, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, SGI workstation, MultiGen, Vega, EDA, and other simulation software.

(3) Favorable conditions for conductinglabs. Manylabcourses have been offered to graduate students in this discipline for many years, and thetrainingcontents have been updated and optimized according to the achievements in scientific research. These years,the department hasbegun toreceive undergraduate studentsfrom other departments(electronics and information, computer, automation, life science, optical engineering, etc.) to conduct research and graduation design.

(4) Abundant documentation and literature. It has a professional literature room, whichhas a huge collection ofbooks in Chinese and foreign languages, professional journals, reference books and manuals. In addition, students canalsoaccess various digital databases from home and abroad, likethe American ERIC information database, ProQuest full-text doctoral dissertation database, Chinese art journal network.

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