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Systems Science and Engineering Department

Oct 4, 2017

The Department ofSystem Science and Engineeringmainly supports the subject ofSystem Engineering.


Systems Science and Engineering major was established in 1978, being part of the first batch of system engineering units in China. TheSystemEngineeringInstitutewasestablishedin 1988 with Pro. Chen Ting being the founder. Approved by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, the Institutehas been included in the firstgroup of institutionsto confer master and doctorate degrees. In 2001, thissubjectwas selected to be a key nationalsubject. In April 2013,the System Science andEngineeringDepartment was established.

The System Engineering Society of Hubei province and the Operational Research Society of Hubei province areaffiliatedtothedepartment.


CHEN Xi CHEN Yang HAN Shoudong HONG Liu LIU Qingshan LIU Zhenyuan OUYANG Min SHEN Yindong SUHousheng WANG Jian WANG Xiaoping XIAO Jiangwen ZENG Wei ZENG Zhigang ZHOU Jianlan ZHOU Hongtao ZHU Mingfu ZHAO Yong YU Minghui LUO Yunfeng LIU Hui WANG Bo LI Yuanzheng FANG Zhemei SHENG Yin ZHANG Lijun


For more than 30 years, theDepartmenthas persisted in the integration of system science and control science, and the close integration of theory and practice.It hasset the decision-making science, optimization theory, and complex system theory as the discipline basis,thelogistics systems, project management, environment and resources, public transportation, and public safety as the mainapplication fields.

SystemEngineeringis a basicsubject. We have attached great importance to fundamental research of theories, such as decision-making science, optimization, and complex system for a long time. Up to now, we have undertakenmanynational-levelprojects, among which five are major or key research projects, five have won the first prize, and two have won the second prize at the provinciallevel.

After several generations of efforts, the following academic research directionshave been formed:

1. Decision-making theory, methods and techniques faced up with social and economic technology systems: research directions include decision-making methods and decision support techniques, economical technology analysis and resource allocation, behavioral decision theory and application, and public safety emergency decision-making;

2. Optimization and control of large-scale projects and business systems centering on logistics: research directions include analysis and optimization of logistics system, project management of large-scale infrastructure projects, business planning and production planning and control;

3. Complex system theory combined system science with control science: research directions include dynamic behavior analysis and control of the complex system, intelligent control of the neural network, modeling analysis of memristive system and its application in intelligent information processing;

4. System analysis and integration centering on information: research directions include sophisticated system modeling and simulation, cluster control of the multi-agent system, intelligent identification and calculation, biological calculating, transportation planning, and dispatching.

Academic Exchange

TheDepartment hasmore than 20 teacherswhohave visited or studied abroad,over30 prestigious professors have been invited to hold academic lecturesat home and abroad every year. We haveregularexcellent overseas scholars to work in our department,and twotothreeinternational and domestic academic conferences are held every year. We have established stable channels of international academic exchanges and carried out substantial international cooperation with over 20 famous universities overseas. We encourageour studentsto study abroadtointensify the international vision of scientific research.


We have established acomprehensivegraduate trainingsystemandintensified research on teaching materials for postgraduates,three of which have beenselected as"textbooks for graduates"recommended by the Ministry of Education. Up to now, we havetrainedhundreds of doctors and masters,several of themhavewon the best prize of excellent doctoral dissertations,theoutstanding doctoral dissertation award of Hubei province.

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