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Six AIA scholars listed as Highly Cited Chinese Researchers

May 6, 2022

On April 14, Elsevier, a global academic publishing company, officially released its 2021 list of "Highly Cited Chinese Researchers." The 2021 list used Scopus, the world's authoritative citation and index database, as the statistics source of scholars' scientific research achievements, and adopted the selection method designed by Shanghai Ranking (Shanghai Ranking Consultancy), finally made a list of 4701 Chinese scholars with the most global influence in various disciplines.

Six scholars from our school, Prof. Guan Zhihong, Prof. Wu Dongrui, Prof. Pan Linqiang, Prof. Su Housheng, Prof. Zeng Zhigang and Prof. Bai Xiang, were included in this list.

The 2021 list has researchers from 523 universities, enterprises and scientific research institutions, covering 84 different disciplines. The data extraction process adopts the Elsevier's Ministry of Education First-level Discipline classification mapping (covering 111 first-level disciplines). This mapping has a high precision in article classification, thus the data of scholars' performance in their disciplines better represents the actual academic dynamic, and clearly demonstrates the scholars' scientific output. It provides a strong assistance to the sorting, analysis and study of citation data.

Personal Website of AIA Scholars

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