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HUST and CalmCar jointly built an autonomous driving vision technology center

Mar 11, 2022

On January 13, the establishment ceremony of the "Autonomous Driving Vision Technology Center" jointly built by Huazhong University of Science and Technology and CalmCar was held in Building 8 of HUST.

Liang Qian, HUST Vice President, Geng Yuanming, AIA School Committee Chair, Zeng Zhigang, AIA Dean, Wang Xi, Founder and CEO of CalmCar,  Xing Xun, Vice President and Engineering Director of ZF Asia Pacific, Professor Bai Xiang, Chief Scientist of the Technology Center, attended the ceremony.     

The Center, combining CalmCar's resources in autonomous driving and HUST's strengths in AI technology and talent, aims to promote research and university-industry collaboration, and thus implement the research outcomes and develop professional talents.


Vice President Liang Qian extended warm congratulations on the establishment of the center and expressed his welcome and gratitude to colleagues from CalmCar for attending this event. He said that artificial intelligence was increasingly significant in this era. The development of artificial intelligence discipline requires the coordination between the academic strength of universities and the practical resources of the enterprises to overcome the bottlenecks in technology and implement research results. He envisioned future achievements from the cooperation between HUST and CalmCar.  


Professor Bai Xiang introducing the latest research results and progress of the team in the field of artificial intelligence to the participating experts


Experts at the meeting conducting in-depth discussions on topics such as the development of the joint center and the research of autonomous driving

At the establishment ceremony, Professor Bai Xiang introduced the latest research results and progress of the team in the field of artificial intelligence to the participating experts. Mr. Wang Xi and Mr. Xing Xun respectively introduced the company history of CalmCar and ZF, the background of cooperation and the latest trends in the research and development of autonomous driving-related products. AIA Dean Zeng Zhigang introduced the development of the artificial intelligence discipline of HUST and talked about research, education and university-enterprise cooperation mechanism. After that, the participants conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as center construction, autonomous driving and research mechanism innovation.

The establishment of the Autonomous Driving Vision Technology Center ushers in a new exploration of scientific and technological innovation, the implementation and commercialization of research, and of student training. It will help promote the development and implementation of autonomous driving and improve the scientific research of artificial intelligence.

CalmCar, established in 2016, is a system and data service provider focusing on the field of intelligent autonomous driving. It has established R&D centers in Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Detroit and other cities at home and abroad. CalmCar is an industry leader with a catalog covering both high and low-speed automatic driving systems. Its service has extended to many fields such as smart cities, smart logistics, and smart agriculture, catering to the needs of both domestic and global customers.

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translated by Tian Xinyu, Lai Xiangyu

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