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Seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Robot Successfully Held

Dec 1, 2021

On November 20, the Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Robot Seminar of Huazhong University of Science and Technology was successfully held. Nearly 100 teachers and students participated in the online seminar.

This seminar is supported by the School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation(AIA) of HUST, the Hubei Association for Artificial Intelligence, the Institute of Image Recognition & Artificial Intelligence (the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education), and the "Belt and Road" Joint Laboratory of Measurement and Control Technology. Well-known experts made reports to explore the latest developments in new technologies and methods of artificial intelligence and intelligent robot, and their applications in wearable smart devices, intelligent rehabilitation assistive appliances and autonomous unmanned systems. Professor ZENG Zhigang, Dean of AIA, and Professor HUANG Jian, Director of the Department of Intelligent Science and Technology, served as chairpersons of the conference. The experts participating in the meeting gave wonderful reports.


Professor WANG Long of Peking University gave a report entitled "A Review About The Evolutionary Game On Complex Networks". He reported on his team's recent research on self-assessment rules based on expectations. He found that evolution results are robust to model details when individuals adopt self-evaluation-based strategy updating rules. This report focused on the recent research results of Professor WANG Long's team on the expected dynamics on arbitrary weighted networks.                            

Professor FAN Yubo from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics gave a report entitled "Sports and Rehabilitation: from Basics to Applications". He introduced in detail the research and exploration of the team in the innovative rehabilitation assistive technology based on non-invasive assisted blood circulation from basic research to transformational applications.


Professor LI Zhijun from the University of Science and Technology of China gave a report entitled "Theory and Method of Wearable Robots for Reconstruction of Motor Function". The team led by Professor LI has launched a long-term research on the control theory and methods of wearable robots, and solved four main problems: the cognition of the movement intention of the operator, the transfer mechanism of human-machine skills and variable stiffness control, and the optimization of human-machine strong coupling control in the human-machine loop, as well as the human-machine verification of operator for control security.


Professor WANG Tianmiao from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics gave a report entitled "Thinking about the Frontier and Hot Spots of Intelligent Robots". Combining his team's research in recent years, he shared in-depth insights on two topics that are worthy of attention in the development of intelligent robots- the macro situation and application traction of industrial robots, dedicated service robots and personal service robots.


Professor CHENG Long from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences gave a report entitled "Smart Wearable Gloves Based on Principles of Optoelectronics". He elaborated on the research of integrating the prepared flexible sensors into the glove, realizing various applications such as finger bending angle detection, sign language recognition, music playing, fruit weighing, etc., and good results have been achieved. He then introduced the work of further improving intelligent perception capabilities and realizing tactile feedback to users.


Professor LIN Zhiyun from the Southern University of Science and Technology gave a report entitled "Estimation, Optimization and Control Problems in Distributed Autonomous Unmanned Systems". Focusing on the application field of unmanned industrial vehicles, Professor LIN introduced the core technologies of distributed autonomous unmanned systems and cluster control, and discussed many basic algorithms and technical applications, such as autonomous perception and distributed positioning, collaborative decision-making and distributed optimization, collaborative execution and distributed control, etc.

After that, Professor HUANG Jian made a concluding speech and expressed his sincere thanks to the six top experts for their participation and reports. The wonderful lectures given by the experts made everyone experience a rich academic feast. From this conference, everyone learned about the latest advances in new technologies and methods of artificial intelligence and intelligent robots, and their applications in smart wearable devices, smart rehabilitation aids, and autonomous unmanned systems. Through this seminar, teachers and students exchanged views and academic ideas, achieving the purpose of cross-integration and full exchange of artificial intelligence and intelligent robot disciplines.

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