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AIA Students Shining in World Robot Contest Championship (WRCC2021)

Sep 16, 2021

From September 10 to 13, 2021, the "2021 World Robot Contest Championship- BCI Brain Controlled Robot Competition" was held in Beijing. The Brain-Computer Interface(BCI) and Machine Learning Laboratory won the overall championship and the first prize in one technical contest. WRCC 2021 was guided by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and co-organized by the Chinese Society of Electronics, the Information Science Department of National Natural Science Foundation of China and Tsinghua University.  



The team, composed of graduate students BIAN Rui, CUI YuqiQUAN Xueliang, DENG Lingfei, XIA Kun and WU Huanyu, won the first prize of "parietal brain unit" (first place in total score) and the championship(first place in total score) with a bonus of 40,000 yuan. The team was guided by Professor WU Dongrui. 



In the 2019 and 2020 BCI Brain Controlled Robot Competition, Professor WU Dongrui's team had also won the first prize in the technical competition.                            


Due to his contribution to BCI and machine learning, WU Dongrui was also given the USERN Formal Science Award in November 2020, which is the first time for a Chinese scientist to win the prize. The evaluation of the award is in the charge of the USERN Advisory Committee, composed of the top 1% of scientists in various fields in the world, including sixteen Nobel Prize winners and two Abel Prize winners.

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) refers to the collection, identification and transformation of signals of the nervous system. It can directly transmit the instructions sent by the human brain to the designated machine terminal, making the human control of the robot more efficient and convenient. This technology has great innovative significance and application value in the field of communication between humans and robots. It has also been widely used in disability rehabilitation and entertainment and has made great contributions to improving the quality of life of the disabled.

WRCC 2021 has attracted teams from universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises across the country to participate. The scale of this year's championship has further expanded compared with the previous years, with a total of 41 events and 98 competition groups.

BCI Brain Control Robot Competition focuses on cutting-edge technology and has four parts:  skill competition, technology competition, excellent paper defense and display of innovation achievement, with a total of 14 events, the participants covering nearly 100 top scientific research institutes, universities and enterprises. All the teams have presented the latest scientific research results, many of them are shown for the first time.

Since 2015, the World Robot Contest has been successfully held six times, attracting more than 150000 participants from more than 20 countries around the world and has been widely praised as the "Olympics" in the Robot Industry by the mainstream media. Currently, it is an official professional competition in the robot field with influence at home and abroad. The competition has formed a new competition system composed of Trials (WRCT), Finals (WRCF) and Championships (WRCC).


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