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AIA Holds Class of 2021 Luncheon Gathering

Jun 17, 2021

On June 16, AIA held a luncheon gathering for the class of 2021 to celebrate their coming graduation and listen to their opinions on various topics concerning the school's development. The soon-to-be graduates and teachers gathered together, sharing their stories and proposing their advice for the school.   


The main leaders of AIA attended the luncheon, including Professor Zeng Zhigang, dean of AIA; Deputy Dean Zhou Chunjie, Deputy Dean Pan Linqiang, Deputy Dean Zhang Haitao, AIA Labor Union Chairman Tan Yihua, and School Office Director Zhao Liqiu. Postgraduate Section Chief Wang Hongyan and the college counselors of the students also joined the luncheon. Deputy Secretary Zhu Ping hosted the gathering.

The school prepared delicious meals for the students. During mealtime, the students and teachers were conversing cheerfully.


After the meal, the students took turns to introduce themselves and talked about what they would do after graduation. They also shared their joyful memories of their college years and exchanged ideas about how to develop AIA to become better and stronger. The conversation covered a wide range of topics including bachelor program structures, the teacher-student relationship, training, internships, and graduation process. School leaders responded to students' questions and said that the suggestions given by students would be properly discussed. They also pledged to coordinate relevant departments to improve students' learning environment and promote the services provided by the school.


Professor Zeng Zhigang was extremely pleased with the growth of the students and hoped that they would maintain the spirit of a HUSTer, that is to be humble, progressive, collected, diligent, always striving for excellence. He extended his best wishes that the students would realize their value in the new phase of life. Zhu Ping hoped the students would harbor warm feelings and expectations toward the school and the University, and lead a fulfilling life.


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