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Young Teachers Discussing Doubts and Gains on Work and Life

Jun 9, 2021

On June 8th, AIA held a discussion for young teachers, inviting more than 20 young teachers who had been employed in the past five years to share their thoughts on the school development and their worries about career, while AIA school leaders listened to their opinions and responded to their doubts. A luncheon was held before the discussion.


At the beginning of the discussion, AIA Dean ZENG Zhigang expressed his warm welcome to the young teachers for joining AIA, and hoped that they could remain progressive, and strive to push back the frontiers of science, delivering scientific results that would benefit people's health, our economy, and China's development. He encouraged the teachers to keep an international vision and broaden their research areas. GENG Yuanming, secretary of the AIA party committee, urged the teachers to uphold academic integrity and strengthen teaching ethics. He hoped that young teachers would innovate the ways of teaching and help build a teaching system where all the faculty and staff members are involved in the whole process and every aspect of students’ education. Other school leaders including Professor ZHANG Haitao, ZHONG Sheng, ZHU Ping, and Tan Yihua kindly shared their experiences on life and work. Moreover, GENG Yuanming and ZENG Zhigang congratulated the newly married teacher LU Hao, on behalf of the school.


The young teachers present at the meeting expressed their gratitude for the school’s support, care, and help. They also discussed the academic exchanges among teachers, selection of research areas, lack of lab space, application for research projects, postgraduate internships, student admissions, and the responsibilities of class teachers. They talked about their work, life, worries, and gains after joining the school, and proposed suggestions to develop the school.


Overall, this discussion is an important part of the school's plan of training young teachers. In the future, AIA will hold various activities to address the teachers' problems and doubts, including "Frontier Research Salon for Young Teachers", meetings for exchanges of experiences on major project application, and training programs of class teachers.

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