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Our School Won Two First Prizes in the 2019 China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge

Aug 29, 2019

The National Finals of the 13th “SIEMENS Cup” China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge was held in Anshan, Liaoning Province on August 27th. Liao Shengyi and Wang Mingqing, students from our school, won the national first prize in the discrete industry automation competition. Chen Yujing, Hu Yurui, and Zhang Kai, students from our school, won the national first prize in the discrete industry motion control competition. Wang Zhuo and Xiao Li, teachers in our college, attended the national finals as instructors.

The “SIEMENS Cup” China Smart Manufacturing Challenge has been successfully held for 13 sessions since its development in 2006. In 2019, the competition was included in the National University Subject Competition Rankings Evaluation Competition. With nearly 600 universities, more than 1,000 colleges and more than 4,300 teams, the competition has become the largest and highest-specified national class A competition in China’s intelligent manufacturing sector.

In the course of the preliminary competition, our school organized more than 50 students. Under the guidance of Sun Zhigang, Qin Xiaoyu, Wang Yanwu, Qin Yuanqing, Zheng Dingfu, Wang Zhuo and Xiao Li, they participated in four events including the process industry automation, discrete industry automation, discrete industry motion control, and information networking. In the preliminary round, they won a special prize, a first prize, eight second prizes, and three third prizes, two teams among which entered the national finals.

In the course of the finals, all the competitions were conducted on the scene, and the top eight teams participated in the final defense. The competition was difficult, which required a higher level of comprehensive quality of students. Chen Yujing, Hu Yurui, and Zhang Kai overcame the difficulties of short preparation time and control equipment replacement in the final. They designed control algorithms for complex industry plants, then realized stable control of high-speed rewinding and unwinding process, and finally won the first prize of discrete industry motion control national competition. Facing the new problems in the group of discrete industry automation competition, Liao Shengyi and Wang Mingqing won the national first prize in logic control design and development group with an excellent full score in the course of three games and one defense in four days.

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