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Professor Frank Leroy Lewis from the University of Texas at Arlington Visited Our School

Jan 7, 2019

At 10:00 am on January 5th, 2019, Professor Frank Leroy Lewis of the University of Texas at Arlington was invited to our college for an academic visit. In the Middle 311 of No.1 Building in the South, he made a lecture for our teachers and students entitled “Cooperative Control for Multi-Agent Systems in AC Microgrid Distributed Generation”. More than 20 teachers and students, including Professor Zeng Zhigang, Professor Wang Xiaoping, Associate Professor Liu Zhiwei and Associate Professor Hu Bin, attended the seminar.

Professor Frank Leroy Lewis received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1981. He is currently a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington, director of the Automation and Robotics Institute, the occupational engineer in Texas and chartered engineer in U.K. Engineering Council. Professor Frank Leroy Lewis is mainly engaged in researches on intelligent control, feedback and distributed control, neural -networks, and fuzzy systems. He is currently the asscociate editor of Automatica, IEEE Trans. Neural networks, IET Control Theory & Applications, Journal of Control Theory and Applications, editorial advisory board member of several international journals, chairman or vice chairman of several international conferences. He has obtained 7 U.S. patents, published 410 journal articles in international journals, written 51 monographs or encyclopedia articles, published 426 papers in international conferences, and written 20 monographs. He has won the 2009 UK Gabor Award, the 2009 Measurement and Control Honeywell Field Engineering Medal, the 2012 Computational Intelligence Society Neural Network Pioneer Award, the 2016 Smart System Award and the 2018 John R. Ragazzini Education Award. Owing to the outstanding contributions in the field of control, Professor Frank Leroy Lewis was elected IEEE Fellow, International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) Fellow, and U.K. Institute of Measurement & Control (InstMC) Fellow.

In the report, Professor Frank Leroy Lewis reviewed the impacts of spanning tree and strong connectivity on the studies of consistency problems and introduced the design of topology map, structure, and local controllers for communication networks. Combined with the characteristics of the smart grid and microgrid model, the distributed control of the local load and the local DG enhanced the scalability of the power distribution system and avoided overloading of the power generation and transmission capacity of the power grid. For the island mode, the recovery of the micro-grid DG frequency synchronization could be ensured, and power quality could be improved. In addition, Professor Frank Leroy Lewis proposed a new synchronization method based on distributed feedback linearization technology, which proved that the distributed characteristics of this feedback linearization method could obtain sparse communication topology, which was more suitable for microgrid control than the method of standard centralized secondary power control.

Professor Frank Leroy Lewis has brought a wonderful academic feast to teachers and students with innovative research ideas and profound professional knowledge, which has benefited everyone.

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