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The School of Automation Held Seminar about First-class Discipline Construction and the 13th Five Year Plan

Jul 29, 2016


On May 20, School of Automation held seminar about first-class discipline construction and the 13th Five-Year Plan in No.1 South Building to deepen the connotation of the 13th five-year plan and focus on the development orientation of first-class disciplines. Many famous experts attended the seminar and gave a special report respectively, such as Professor Zhou Jie, head of the department of automation in Tsinghua University, Professor Tang Lixin, dean of the School of Information Science and Engineering in Northeastern University, Professor Chen Weidong, head of the department of automation in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Besides, Professor Shao Xinyu, executive vice president of HUST, and Zhao Zhongyu, director of the discipline construction office attended the seminar. The seminar was hosted by Cao Zhiguo, dean of the school of automation. And more than one hundred teachers and student representatives attended the meeting.

President Shao Xinyu extended a warm welcome and sincere thanks to the experts from the three universities. He pointed out that Tsinghua University, Northeastern University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University had rich experience and made remarkable achievements in discipline construction, which was worthy of our in-depth study. School of Automation had made prominent contributions to the discipline development of our school. Especially, it has performed well in personnel training, faculty construction, and scientific research in the past three years since its establishment. It is hoped that the school can further conclude development experience and do well in the 13th Five-Year Plan. Besides, comprehensive reform should be deepened and great efforts should be made to build the first-class discipline in control science and engineering.

Professor Zhou, Professor Tang and Professor Chen gave reports respectively in the seminar. They introduced the development of their respective disciplines, and especially introduced the 13th Five-Year Plan and comprehensive reforms. Many achievements and management methods have aroused the enthusiastic attention of the participating teachers. During the reports, Zhang Yao Secretary of CPC General Branch of the School and Chen Anwenthe deputy dean of postgraduate training,  exchanged views with guests on comprehensive reform and postgraduate training.

Zhao Zhongyudirector of the discipline officespoke highly of the discipline development of the three brother universities. Meanwhile, he pointed out that mutual exchanges and study are very valuable in the important period of disciplinary assessment. He hoped that the School of Automation can draw precious experience from other universities to further promote the development in the discipline of control science and engineering.

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