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YE Lin is a professor of the School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China. 

Academic Degrees

Sept. 1978---July 1982,former Huazhong Institute of Technology, B.S. in Automatic Instrumentation
Sept. 1985---June 1988,former Huazhong Institute of Technology, M.S. in Measurement Technology and Instrumentation

Professional Experience

Dec. 2004---present: Professor, School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, HUST
Jan. 1996---Nov. 2004: Associate professor, Department of Automatic Control, HUST
Jun. 1988---Dec. 1995: Lecturer, Department of Automatic Control, HUST
Jul. 1982---Jun. 1988: Assistant professor, Department of Automatic Control, HUST

Selected Publications

1.YE Lin, ZHOU Hong, ZHANG Hong, ZHANG Jie. Measurement Methods for the Phase Shift Detection and their Accuracy Analysis [J].Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation, 2006, 43(4): 11-14.
2.YE Lin, HUANG Qin, ZHANG Hong, ZHANG Jie. Image Method for Ice Sensor Calibration [J]. Instrument Technique and Sensor, 2006 (11): 36-37.
3.YE Lin, LI Ling, ZHANG Hong, ZHANG Jie. New Type Vehicle-borne Image Recorder [J]. Instrument Technique and Sensor, 2005 (10): 11-12.
4.Ge J, Ye L, Zou J. A novel fiber-optic ice sensor capable of identifying ice type accurately [J]. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 2012, 175: 35-42.
5.Zou J, Ye L, Ge J, et al. Novel fiber optic sensor for ice type detection [J]. Measurement, 2013, 46(2): 881-886.
6.Zhao C R, Ye L, Ge J F, et al. A side-coupled optical-fiber liquid level sensor[C].Applied Mechanics and Materials. 2012, 128: 487-490.
7.Zhang Z, Zhang J, Ye L, et al. Research on the application of neural network in diaphragm icing sensor fault diagnosis [M]//Advances in Neural Networks–ISNN 2009. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2009: 589-600.
8.Li Wei, Zhang Jie, Ye Lin, Li Changxi. Modelling and experimental study on the Fiber-optic ice sensor [C]. In: 2009 International Conference on Information and Automation, Zhuhai, Macau, China, 2009: 1298-1301.
9.Li Wei, Zhang Hong, Ye Lin, Zheng Ying. Fiber-optic ice detection system for airplane application [C]. In: 2009 International Workshop on Intelligent Systems and Applications, Wuhan, China, 2009: 1-4.
10.Li Wei, Zhang Jie, Zheng Ying, Ye Lin. Enlargement of measurement range in a fiber-optic Ice sensor by artificial neural network [C]. In: Proceedings 6th International Symposium on Neural Networks, Wuhan, China, 2009: 929-936.
11.Li Wei, Zhang Jie, Ye Lin, Zhang Hong. A fiber-optic solution to aircraft icing detection and measurement problem [C]. In: Proceedings 2009 International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Science, Kiev, Ukraine, 2009: 357-360.
12.Xu Yuan, Yu Xun, Zou Jianhong, Ye Lin, Ge Junfeng. Alarm device design of empennage icing [C]. In: International Conference on Computer and Information Science, Safety Engineering, Wuhan, China, 2012: 20-23.
13.ZHANG Zhen, YE Lin, WU Xianglin. Research of Active Infrared Ice Type Classification Based on Neural Networks [J]. Automation and Instrumentation, 2010, 25(2).

Awards and Honors

1.Third Prize of Aviation Science and Technology Award, 2012: Research on flight icing protection technology based on optical fiber icing detector and its application.
2.Third Prize Awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,2014: Multiple-point and in-situ Measurement Technology for the Aero-engine Surface Emissivity

Courses Taught

For Undergraduates: 
Process Control Instrument
Professional English in Automation
Measurement Technology
Microprocessor-Based Instrumentation
Fundamentals of Analog Electronics (in English)
Fundamentals of Instrument Reliability Engineering


Current Research Projects:
1. Jan.2012-Dec.2014 Research on image detection technology of super cooled water droplets
2.2012-2013 Research and application of fiber optic fuel level continuous measurement and sensing technology
3.2012-2014 Research of infrared emissivity measurement
4.2011-2013 Development of optical fiber ice sensor system
5.2010-2012 Research on the technology of non-contact temperature measurement for turbine disc

Finished Research Projects:
1.2010-2012: Technology of unsteady radiative transfer parameters measurement
2.2008-2010: Research on optical fiber ice detector and the control system of anti-ice and de-ice
3.2010-2011 the airfoil diaphragm icing detector
4.2009-2010 Online multi-point detection of engine surface emissivity
5.2010-2012 Research on icing detection technology based on pattern recognition

Patents and Software Copyright Registration
1.Chinese invention patent: An optical fiber ice sensor. CN 202075225 U, December,2011.
2.Chinese invention patent: An apparatus for detecting ice thickness, CN 202947691 U, May 2013
3.Chinese invention patent: Image Icing detection method, CN 102313512 B, Aug 2013
4.Chinese invention patent: Icing detector probe and icing detector including the probe, CN 102336272 B, January 2015
5.American invention patent: Icing detector probe and icing detector including the probe, US 9079669 B2, July 2015

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