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MING Delie is an associate professor with the School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, HUST. He received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in computer application, from Wuhan University of Technology, and the PhD degree in pattern recognition and intelligent system from HUST. He is engaged in research of image processing, computer vision, precise guidance, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Selected academic papers:

· Delie Ming, Hao Wang, Tian Tian. Background feature descriptor for offline handwritten numeral recognition[C]. Proceedings of SPIE, MIPPR 2011, Vol. 8004, 80041N. (EI索引)

· Tian Tian, Delie Ming, Feiran Jie, Bo Lei.Fusion of multi-measures in infrared target recognition based on Dempster-Shafer evidence theory[C]. Proceedings of SPIE, MIPPR 2011, Vol. 8003, 80030H. (EI索引)

· Liping Xiao, Lei Gao, Delie Ming, Tian Tian. An Imaging modeling simulation research of infrared aero-optical effect based on superposition of Gaussian Mixture Model[C]. Proceedings of SPIE, MIPPR 2011, Vol. 8003, 80030N. (EI索引)

· Hang Li, Delie Ming, Jinwen Tian. Reference image generation based on three-dimensional realistic scene modeling for contour-based infrared ATR algorithm[C]. Proceedings of SPIE, MIPPR 2011, Vol. 8004, 80040D. (EI索引)

· Ming Delie, Tian Jinwen. Automatic Pattern Extraction and Classification for Chromosome Images [J]. Journal of Infrared Millimeter and Teraherz WavesVol.31(7): 866-877, JUL 2010.(SCI 索引)

· Zuo Boxin, Ming Delie, Tian Jinwen. Perceptual ringing metric to evaluate the quality of images restored using blind deconvolution algorithms[J]. Optical Engineering, March 2009, 48(3): 037004-1-037004-9. (SCI索引)

· Xin Tian, Delie Ming. A Forward-flipping Architecture for lifting-based Discrete Wavelete Transform[J]. Optical Engineering, 2011( In Pressing ). (SCI刊源)

· Wang Peng, Tian Jinwen, Gao chenqiang. Infrared small target detection using directional highpass filters based on LS-SVM[J]. Electronics Letters, 2009, 45(3): 156-158. (SCI索引)

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