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Zhenyuan LIU is an associate professor of the Department of Systems Science and Engineering, School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation. He is Party branch secretary of the Department of Systems Science and Engineering and a member of the undergraduate teaching steering committee in the School of Automation. He is one of the founders of undergraduate professional Logistics Management (Logistics System Engineering Direction) and the director of Systems Engineering Institute of Hubei Province, etc.

Professor Liu has long been engaged in the theory and practice of systems engineering and system information technology, especially in logistics services, medical and health services, nursing services, information services, large-scale infrastructure construction supply chain management and emergency system. In recent years, his work was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Hubei Province Natural Science Fund, the Ministry of education returned scientific research foundation, the open fund of Image Information and Intelligent Control of the Ministry of education Key Laboratory and Huazhong University of science and technology independent innovation fund. Authorized by relevant government departments and companies, he completed the feasibility study and overall planning of an aged public information platform and overall planning of Wuhan Xingang logistics information platform.

Academic Degrees

Sept. 1991-July 1995 Dalian University of Technology B.S. in Automation
Sept. 1995-May 1998 Huazhong University of Science and Technology M.S. in Systems Engineering
Sept.2000-December 2005 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

Professional Experience

June. 1998-Sept 2000: Lecturer, School of Automation, HUST.
Oct. 2005- present:  Associate Professor, Dept. of Systems Science and Engineering, School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, HUST.

Selected Publications

1.Zhenyuan Liu*, Lei Xiao, Jing Tian. An Activity-list Based Nested Partitions Algorithm for Resource-constrained Project Scheduling. International Journal of Production Research, DOI:10.1080/00207543.2015.1065353
2.KONG Yan,LIU Zhen-yuan*, CHEN Xi etc. Operations optimization of railway transit reserve system in hydropower development project. Journal of Systems Engineering, 2015, 30(2): 269-280
3.Chen Yunhua, Zhang Zaogang, Zhenyuan Liu* etc. Theory and Practice in Construction Supply Chain Management of Hydroelectric Development-Case Study of Yalong River Cascade Hydropower Projects. The Yellow River Water Conservancy Press, China, 2014.11
4.Zhenyuan Liu*, Yang Zhang, Menglei Li. Integrated scheduling of ready-mixed concrete production and delivery. Automation in Construction 48 (2014) 31–43
5.Fei Qi, Chen Xueguang, Wang Hongwei, Liu Zhenyuan*. An Application of Cyberspace for Workshop of Meta-synthetic Engineering in Logistics of Large Scale Construction Projects——Real-time Dispatching Command System for Cement and Fly-ash in Three Gorges Project. Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice, 2011, 31(S): 171-180
6.Liu Zhen-yuan*, Wang Hong-wei. Two-step activity-mode scheduling schema on MMRCPSP with the objective of minimizing activities cost. Control and Decision, 2007, 22(10): 1160-1164
7.Liu Zhen-yuan*, Wang Hong-wei. Priority-rule-based Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling with the Objective of Minimizing Activities Cost. Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice, 2006, 9: 99-107
8.Liu Zhen-yuan*, Wang Hong-wei. A Heuristic Method for RCPSP with the Objective of Minimizing Activities Cost. Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics, 2006, 17(1):96-102

Awards and Honors

1 Excellent Teaching Quality Award of HUST in 2014.
2 Second Prize of Excellent Teaching Achievement of HUST, 2013.
3 Excellent head teacher for Undergraduate Award of HUST in 2014.
4 “Three Educations” Award of HUST in 2003.
5 Wuhan to support the construction of the Three Gorges advanced workers in 2001
6 Excellent guidance teacher for graduation design Award of HUST in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015 respectively.
7 Second Prize of The twenty-first session of the national enterprise management modernization innovation achievements in 2015.
8 First prize of scientific and technological progress of the Ministry of education in 2010
9 Second Prize of Hubei Province Natural Science outstanding paper in 2007
10 National Science and technology progress in 2006, 2000 and 1999 respectively.
11 First prize of scientific and technological progress in Hubei Province in 2005

Courses Taught

For Undergraduates: 
Planning and Scheduling with Enterprise Resources Planning System
Operations Management in Logistics Service System


Current Research Projects:
2016-2017: Wuhan Yellow Crane Talent Foundation. Innovative Services Development and Application in Health Care with the Internet of Things

Finished Research Projects:
2014-2015: Hubei province science and technology planning project, Intelligent home care for elderly service system research and application demonstration
2012-2014: The Fund project of Yalong river basin hydropower development co., LTD. The Yalong river basin project material supply chain management theory and application research
2014: Wuhan PuAi hospital cooperative research project, hemodialysis service equipment and nurse scheduling system
2013-2014: The Fund project of basic scientific research in universities. Considering multi-skills project scheduling problem research of human resource allocation
2012-2013: The Fund project of Yalong river basin hydropower development co., LTD. Information operation maintenance services organization optimization method research.
2011-2013: The National Natural Science Foundation of China project. The project supply chain multi-level production planning and payment schedule integration optimization
2010-2012: The natural science foundation of the Hubei province project. Large-scale hydropower development project of supply chain multi-level planning collaborative optimization research
2011-2012: The Fund project of Shenzhen Yi Sibo Information Technology Co., Ltd. The overall planning for the old service public information platform.
2009-2010: The Fund project of Xingang Wuhan Management Committee. The overall planning for Xingang Wuhan public logistics information platform

Patents and Software Copyright Registration
1 Chinese software copyright registration: Hemodialysis Service Scheduling System
, 2015SR250786, December 2015.
2 Chinese software copyright registration: Precast Rebar Enterprise ERP System, 2015SR250789, December, 2015.
3Chinese software copyright registration: Merchandise Concrete Enterprise Information System, 2013SR094457, March 2013
4 Chinese software copyright registration: Construction Supply Chain Integrated Control System, 2013SR094719, March, 2013

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