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    Career Oppotunities

    Nov 23, 2021

    New Vacancies:

    Professor LIU Wenzhong is now recruiting postdocs from Russia and other "Belt and Road" countries to his laboratory on magnetic measurement and optics measurement, interested candidates can contact laixy@hust.edu.cn for more information.

    Prof. LIU Wenzhong's site: http://english.aia.hust.edu.cn/info/1085/1566.htm

    Regular Recruitment

    Openings: Professors, Associate professors, Lecturers, Postdocs

    1. Academic Areas

    Candidates in all areas related to AI and control science will be considered, including but not limited to:

    1)Control theory, control engineering: robot systems, intelligent equipment, networked control theory, and automatic system, etc.

    2)Detection technology and automation: information measurement and cognition, etc.

    3)System engineering: decision analysis, internet of things, supply chain, etc.

    4)Pattern recognition and intelligent systems: machine learning, computer vision, brain-computer interface, intelligent computing, etc.

    5)Navigation, guidance and control: aircraft, ship control optimization, etc.

    2. Faculty Duties and Requirements

    Faculty Duties

    1)Teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels

    2)Conducting research

    3)Participating in school activities that require attending


    Professors: Candidates have teaching or research experience in major universities or research institutions; or, have remarkable achievements in a certain academic area. Candidates need to have team spirit and can work as a leader in research projects.

    Associate professors/Lecturers: Candidates should be or once be doctors, postdocs, or researchers in major universities or research institutions. Candidates should have a long-term research plan and experience in international academic collaborations.   

    Postdocs: Candidates have a Ph.D. degree in the academic areas described in article 1(Academic Areas). 

    3. How to apply

    Applications must include a cover letter, detailed curriculum vitae, and a 2-3 page statement of research. These materials should be sent to laixy@hust.edu.cn, the mail title should be: Application-Name-Academic area.

    4. Pay Ranges and Benefits

    Competitive pay and benefits, for more information please send an email to laixy@hust.edu.cn.

    Other Benefits:

    Free round trip for home-visiting once per year (economic class only)

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